Been a while, but I finally got around to updating my jrBlog Wrapper theme. The latest version of the theme actually will no longer support child themes… because its been updated to use Gantry Framework. Now, Gantry makes a few features I had in my original wrapper theme redundant, but I am also adding in new features such as supporting Bebop, importing WordPress Plugins using Packagist, and adding new color schemes.

Naturally I also updated my website. I decided to use the color scheme I already had on my Tumblr blog for consistency. I’ll still be making a few updates later as well, and I’ll also be working on adding my social links back up. I’ll then do a video blog once everything is all said and done explaining how it works. Oh, and along with incorporating Gantry, my website is now Responsive as well. There’s a few things I need to tweak to make it look even better, but overhaul it is a significant improvement.