I’ve been going through a lot of stress lately. I’ve had a bit too much going on at once for too long, and ultimately I’ve kinda been stripped back down to square one. I’ve had a hard time concentrating on anything and have only been able to slowly pull myself back out of this rut. Which puts me into a tight situation. Right now I’m working on trying to restructure my work schedule and hopefully fix my horrible mutilated sleep schedule as well.

In addition, I’m working on finishing up an outline for an RPG game I’m trying to complete. Honestly, I think its because I’ve been working out all the ideas for my RPG and storyline that I’ve been able to rescue myself from this huge downtime. This is really what I want to do, I just can’t afford to do it actively yet. What I have to do first, though, is finish this outline. Once I do that, I need to make a few sprites, and then I can probably start working on starting the game up.

If this works out, I may ultimately end up pushing all web development to the side and focus on game development instead. This is really what I’m looking at right now. I think I can go a long way doing game development on the web. This would be entirely built on RPG JS, so it’ll actually be an HTML5 and Javascript game. If I can get a decent demo out I may be able to promote it more and perhaps even start a Kickstarter for it.

The real issue for the Kickstarter isn’t so much buying things I need; its buying time. Basically, I can’t just work on this game nonstop. I have bills to pay, naturally. So the objective of a Kickstarter would be to pay for my bills so I can devote the time to work on the game. Once the game is done I’ll then look for ways to also get it on Mobile devices and probably make money more off of ad revenue than anything else.

These are just long-term goals, of course, nothing I can guarantee yet. But that’s kind of what I’m thinking. Soon I may try and design a website for said game; I already have the domain purchased for precisely that reason.

As for this website, I’m going to try and work on posting about two blog entries a week. I can’t guarantee anything yet, but that’s the idea. Furthermore, I plan to make a few more updates for the website as well. I think what I’ll do is install Disqus in place of the existing comment system and make my theme responsive. Making my theme responsive will also make my general-purpose theme for web development responsive, too, so I can reuse it and more easily make any theme I do responsive, killing two birds with one stone.

I’ll try and post another update soon. Right now I’ve actually got a family emergency as my wife’s grandmother is dying, which forced us to make an emergency trip to Minnesota. I’ll work on my plans while I’m up here. Hopefully I can start working on a game demo during this time.