I’ve made yet more improvements to my website. The site is now designed to be fully responsive, as well. Soon I’ll begin blogging more about how the wrapper jrBlog Theme I have can be used, and I’ll also be organizing the contents of my site to start showing Portfolio Items on the website itself rather than off-site. I will officially start creating blog posts about Projects I am working on or have been completed, but only based on what I am allowed to share (as I am a Freelancer I am bound to a contract, so I can’t always share everything).

Another thing I have included, which will also be pre-packaged in the jrBlog Theme Wrapper I have created, is having all of my websites connected through WordPress Multisite. It took a while for me to get this feature working, so I’ll definitely be discussing how it can be set up and the steps you’ll need to take to get it working properly.