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What is a Programming Language?


As you can probably tell, I’ve been out of the loop for a while. I haven’t been feeling up to doing much in the past few weeks other than work and some gaming. This is an article I’ve been meaning to get to for some time: actual discussion of programming languages. This website is a […]

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Building a WP Site: Sharing

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Sharing is good, isn’t? Sharing is great, especially when its a way to help improve your visibility. After you’ve setup your blog, created your theme, and chosen the plugins you need, the next step is to share it with others, of course! I mentioned this in a previous post, but I’m going to go in […]

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Building a WP Site: Theming

Wordrpess Themes Directory

Continuing off from my previous post, I’m now going to discuss one of the most important parts of building a WordPress site: your theme. By default, WordPress has its own built-in themes that can be utilized. TwentyTwelve is the current one, but in the past they’ve also released TwentyEleven and TwentyTen, both of which are […]

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Advertising Yourself With Social Media

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As I put together the finishing touches on this awesome Theme Options settings to automatically add social media sharing buttons and icons to my website theme, I’m also thinking about how I can advertise myself better. I certainly haven’t been doing a good job of keeping this blog updated, but I’m going to try and […]

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