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Responsive Design

I’ve made yet more improvements to my website. The site is now designed to be fully responsive, as well. Soon I’ll begin blogging more about how the wrapper jrBlog Theme I have can be used, and I’ll also be organizing the contents of my site to start showing Portfolio Items on the website itself rather […]

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Theme Overhaul

Been a while, but I finally got around to updating my jrBlog Wrapper theme. The latest version of the theme actually will no longer support child themes… because its been updated to use Gantry Framework. Now, Gantry makes a few features I had in my original wrapper theme redundant, but I am also adding in […]

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Disqus + Theme Updates

I just installed the Disqus Comment System because I was just getting spam anyway. I also made some minor theme updates, but I’ll put out some additional larger updates to the site soon.

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Status Update 9/16/13


I’ve been going through a lot of stress lately. I’ve had a bit too much going on at once for too long, and ultimately I’ve kinda been stripped back down to square one. I’ve had a hard time concentrating on anything and have only been able to slowly pull myself back out of this rut. […]

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Maintaining a Professional Portfolio

David Conway on Behance

So, yesterday I finally went in and filled out my portfolio on Behance. This is something I’ve been putting off a long time, so I knew I had to get it done. There’s a lot, lot more sites I’ve developed and worked on than just those ones, but I primarily put the ones that I […]

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