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jrConway Programming is a programming blog site where I discussing programming, web development, search engine optimization, and all kinds of things related to programming and development. I will primarily discuss subjects related to PHP and web development early on, but in the future I will expand into other programming languages. My primary purposes for jrConway Programming is to share tips about programming, web development, and other related subjects as I myself experience them.

About the Author

I really need to get a new mug.

I really need to get a new mug.

I, David Alan Conway Jr, am an experienced programmer, web developer, writer, and gamer born, raised, and currenlty living in the great state of Wisconsin in the midwestern United States. I started web development when I was sixteen when I created my very first website on Geocities: The Shadow Realm. TSR was my primary project for many years, but despite this, my available free time has dwindled in recent years as I’ve picked up more and more professional work and I lost focus on working on it.

Through development TSR, I taught myself how to develop in HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, and MySQL. After that I began to dabble in other areas, playing around with a program called RPG Maker XP due to my huge interest in potentially developing a game. It never happened, but I picked up a lot of skills in Ruby development during this time which I plan to expand on again in the future.

I also began learning other programming languages. After having already learned PHP and Javascript, I found it easy for me to pick apart a program and determine how it works. I took classes on Java and C++ in college at Milwaukee Area Technical College while working on my Web Designer Diploma, acing my Java classes with ease. Of course, I also aced my Web Designer classes, especially my MySQL class. I also discovered how much I HATE Dreamweaver.

Following college graduation in May of 2011 (which I purposely kept short, going for a diploma rather than a full degree), I married my sweetheart on October 2nd, 2011 and have been working hard as an independent contractor. Its been a struggle, but I’ve been doing fairly well for myself, and generally receive lots of praise from the people I work with. I have a number of recurring clients, and currently work as a contractor for: Yazamo and KloutFire. I also do work on occasion for Seo Strong, Lead Optimize, and other clients on oDesk.

In addition to my programming and web development skills, I’m also an aspiring writer. I’ve written fanfictions in the past, which eventually got me into coming up with original ideas for my own storyline. This storyline is something I’ve built up over the past couple years and is something I’m still working on. The main series at this point is called “Kuhraiy,” based on the organization that plays a central role in the series, and one member of said organization, Relm Kisaragi. This is something I will explain in more detail in the future.

As noted above, I’m also a big-time video gamer. I love to play RPG’s of all sorts, but also love good puzzle-solving and action games as well. Despite this day and age I still tend to NOT like shooting games very much. I’m also not very up-to-date on the latest consoles, though I hope to finally get a 360 soon. I love Final Fantasy, Tales, Star Ocean, Fire Emblem, The Legend of Zelda, and even Sonic the Hedgehog.

Although I’m not much of a PC gamer or MMO gamer, I am an avid player of Runescape as well. My current main character is RelmKisaragi, obviously based on my original character Relm Kisaragi, whom was created long before I created the character on Runescape. Despite this, Runescape is actually the first MMO game I ever played, which I started way back before Runescape 2 was even ever released. As a n00b back then, my character was named after my real name. When I got the character back more recently, I renamed him to my other original character, DaltonAlder, though I don’t play on him much. Relm currently has a quest point cape and all stats at 73+ (with at least 10 80+), while Dalton’s only special thing is a 10-year vet cape.

Other traits of mine include attention to detail; often way too much detail. I can type, program, and write quite quickly. I often piece together problems in my head and solve them with ease (other than mathematic problems), which helps me to piece together how code works and ultimately learn it myself. I also am capable of putting plots together and resolving how they work, which is a hobby of mine. Naturally, it also leads to me getting a ton of ideas about my own stories.